GADGET - Remote

Gadget - Remote

21 songs
29:43 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Relapse Records have a huge talent for uncovering great Swedish crust bands. After Nasum and Regurgitate, you're in for a blastspeed treat with the four-piece Gadget. When I first listened to their debut full length album Remote, I couldn't remember that I first heard them on the Swedish Assault compilation CD, where they left a good, if not lasting impression on me.

So what has changed? First of all, listening to a whole CD always lets you concentrate more on the overall sound than just getting a few tracks on a compilation next to other interesting bands. Gadget are smart and fast, and most of the time their ultrafast songs don't even leave room for breathing. Packed in a tight production, the bands hops from song to song, only lightening up with the occasional guitar solo and the 3-minute "epics" Failure and Enigmatic which are showing a slower and at the same time heavier side of the band.

The 21 songs make it in just under half an hour, an ideal length for a grind core album. The songs are well played, fluid most of the time, never lost in unnecessarily complicated structures, and are pure fun to listen to. This is grind core at its best, I dare say, where aggression and straightforward songwriting go hand in hand, never forgetting that in the end it's still the music and not some image that counts. Gadget may still be a young band, but they don't need to hide between the more established grind acts.

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