GANESHA - Les vices vers ša

Ganesha - Les vices vers ša

7 songs
23:00 minutes
***** ****


Ganesha are one of those local bands that went unnoticed with me because I had the prejudice that they were just another hardcore band. I even was familiar with their split-album with Ex-Inferis, but probably never listened very closely to it though. Of course Ganesha have made huge progress since then, but still, the result on this new seven songs EP is more than astonishing. Their music is very hard to define, but definitely aims at that direction that people like to give so many different names: metalcore, math noise, post nu metal,... What it is actually is a perfect combination of hardcore's fierceness with the razor sharp precision of metal. To make this work, you have an emotionally very intense vocalist backed by a clockwork rhythm section and the best guitarplayer you will ever meet in Luxembourg. I hate to pinpoint at one detail, but it is especially the crazy guitar work that makes Les vices vers ša one of the best releases ever from this tiny country. Unbelievable that this is just one guy playing. The songwriting itself is very focused, but the angular rhythmic structures and the overall high general velocity make it hard to remember any one song, which prevents the maximum score.

Apart from that, the CD is flawless. Transparent production, a lot of energy, insane instrumentation, strong emotions. Not many local bands achieve this high level of professionalism, and if you had me name three bands that deserve an international career, it would be dEFDUMp, Chief Mart's and definitely Ganesha.

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