Gathiens - Nesh

7 songs
40:44 minutes
***** *


Coming from the unlikely states of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, the instrumental post-rock quartet Gathiens had to suffer through quite an odyssey before their debut Nesh saw the light of day. Recorded already in 2006, they were dropped by their initial label, so that the up and coming Murkhouse Recordings decided to give it a try. And why not?, as Nesh is quite a solid first effort by this young band that still struggles to discover its own identity. Post-rock was quite the thing ten years ago, but if you want to catch people’s attention these days, you need probably more than able works performed by two guitarists, a bass player and a drummer.

That doesn’t mean that this debut album is of poor quality or boring. As a matter of fact, Gathiens are at their most stirring when the guitars start howling with distortion. The melodies are quite intricate if not immediately accessible, and the rhythm section is organic enough to bestow the music the necessary tension. The songs are mostly between five and nine minutes long, giving the band enough room to develop their material but not stretching it too unnecessary lengths.

Fans of Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky might find some interest here, if they are not scared away by the lack of identity. The production is transparent and powerful, the cardboard packaging aesthetically pleasing, only the running time might be a point of contention. Forty minutes is maybe a little on the short side, but eventually probably the ideal length for a debut of a band that still needs to detach itself from its influences.

Gathiens show a lot of potential on their respectable debut. Let’s hope, with the help of a label finally releasing their music, that their future will allow them to venture into their own waters.

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