GENERATORS - Welcome To The End

Generators - Welcome To The End

14 songs
47:05 minutes
***** ***
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Even though it’s been two years since we last reviewed a Generators album, Welcome To The End is not a new album by the Californian punks, but a re-release of their debut which they recorded ten years ago. It’s interesting to notice that vocalist Doug Dagger and drummer Dirty Ernie (I just love those names) just ended a ten year stretch with major label singed indie rockers Schleprock and were ready to start all over with independent labels again.

Welcome To The End is maybe not a punk milestone, but it is certainly an above average release so that fans who missed out the first time can buy the album which comes with a new cover and three bonus tracks, two of which are hard to find and one is even an unreleased cover version of the Sex Pistols’ No Feelings.

It’s obvious from the start that the Generators were already experienced songwriters, because their debut has a nice mix of straightforward punk rock grenades, some slower and more melancholy material and finally even has two smash hits in the form of Plastic Roses and the ska-tinged City Of Angels.

A few years after Rancid had paved the way for British influenced street punk with sunny West Coast feeling, The Generators may not have cloned the sound, they are much too mature for that, but eventually there are parallels between the aforementioned punk stars and the Clash meets California street punk from The Generators. Feeling still fresh after all these years, Welcome To The End should be considered a welcome pit-stop between regular studio releases.

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