Generators / Sledgeback / C.A.F.B. - 3 Of A Kind

18 songs
56:13 minutes
***** ***

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This split-CD is shared by three bands, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call this affair an American-Hungarian friendship. Unlike most split-CDs where the participating bands have fixed blocks of music, 3 Of A Kind has no such rigid running order.

Let’s start with the Generators from Los Angeles who are doubtlessly the most popular bands featured here. They have been around since 1997 and since then have released seven world class albums. They didn’t just recycle old material but come up with some really interesting stuff. I especially like the opener Tears Of Repentance where they sound like an American version of German pop punk band Die Ärzte. Their six songs don’t sound alike. Matter Of Time is classic street punk, Southern Nights reminds a little of Social Distortion, Turn For The Worse contains some rockabilly elements, and Man I Used To Be might even appeal to country fans.

And now let’s have a look at Sledgeback. Their founder and vocalist Gabor Szakacsi has been the initiator of this compilation. The native Hungarian has been living for about ten years in the USA, and right now in Seattle. His band has released so far three CDs, and they play this raw, unpolished kind of punk rock that reminds me a little of Leatherface. Especially the rough, spent voice gives the music its special kind of charm. The songs are kept quite simple but never fail to convey a gripping atmosphere. Towards the end, they even surprise with an unplugged song that has been added as a hidden bonus track.

We finish now with C.A.F.B., which stands for Cops Are Fucking Bastards. Gabor Szakacsi was their fontman until 1999 when he emigrated to the USA. In Hungary, C.A.F.B., who started out in 1990, have been an institution for a very long time. They have released six CDs and sing exclusively in their native, non-Indo-European tongue. Basically speaking one could call them an indie rock band. Most of the time they sound quite relaxed, and especially the catchy Legnagyopp Punk has all it takes to become a summer hit. Only two of their songs are a little rougher, and it is not clear to me why they added B.R.F.K. whose sound quality is a lot worse than that of their five other songs.

3 Of A Kind is a split-album which offers three very interesting bands. Despite sounding all very different, there is a thread running through the record. I am convinced that every punk fan can find something to like with all of the three bands.

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