Genocide Superstars - III

14 songs
35:31 minutes
***** *****
Relapse / Suburban


In the past, I never really liked Genocide Superstars (formerly known as Genocide SS) that much. Their rocking crust grind was entertaining enough, but never did anything to me. This all changed with their third album, simply titled III.

Somehow, after their contributions to the Swedish Assault compilation, I already expected something like that, but that they come up with a whole album of dirty crunching rock'n'roll music. The parallels are obvious though: Motörhead! But where Lemmy doesn't seem to come up with good albums in many years, we have here the best pure rock'n'roll album since Turbonegro's Apocalypse Dudes.

Already the opener The Hateball Is Rolling doesn't take prisoners, and the rest of the album goes into the same stomping direction. The crust and grind roots are as good as gone, rock'n'roll still doesn't mean here some clean shaven Buddy Holly freak, but motordriven madness. The band is even at its least interesting when they cover Blondie's Warchild, which is something of a proof for their own quality.

Even if you think that the likes of Zeke and Nashville Pussy are a bit of a hype, and can only laugh at the recent rock'n'roll revival, Genocide Superstars are kicking butt with the best genre album in many years. Less than 10 points would make me a pussy!

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