GEORGE KOREIN - Memoirs Of A Trilobite

George Korein - Memoirs Of A Trilobite

28 songs
79:44 minutes
***** ***

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George Korein is probably best known as one half of the ambient avant metal two-piece Infidel?/Castro!, but while the busier Colin Marston is also a member of Behold The Arctopus, Byla and Dysrhythmia, Korein has stayed so far in the background. Memoirs Of A Trilobite is about to change the situation.

Having collected solo material over a span of three years, he now assembled them into nine groups according to the nine orders of trilobites, an extinct animal which is amply documented by fossils. All groups are separated by single tracks not linked to the conceptual groups: technology, love, rock, rap, money, oneiric, sex, self-loathing and weirdness. This subdivision makes sense in the context of this compilation, because it gives the 80 minutes a thread which makes it easier to follow it from beginning to end. It's of course a very heterogenic album, but that's where the fun lies. The rock part sounds like very technical progressive metal with amazing bass lines, the rap part sounds like some of the crazy stuff we normally hear from Anticon Records, the love part resembles early B-52's crossbred with the Residents. The sex part surprises with a strangely erotic love story about trilobites.

As experimental as it gets, it always stays on the accessible side of song writing. Regular rock fans will hate it of course, but if you like your pop music with a twisted sense of humour and a pioneering approach, then you must rejoice the 28 fragmentary pop songs of many styles (rock, metal, dance pop, techno, rap, jazz,...) on Memoirs Of A Trilobite. Guest appearances from members of Dysrhythmia, Stinking Lizaveta and Kayo Dot add necessary spice. This is never as dark and scary as what George Korein does with his main band, but it is an essential edition to your collection of avant-garde East Coast music.

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