Gerbe Of Life - CD 2001

12 songs
20:12 minutes
***** ***


France may be popular at the moment because of bands like Noir Désir and Louise Attaque, but there's also some serious grinding going on in the country of our Southern neighbours. Gerbe Of Life may be a weird name, but there music is convincing, to say the least.

The first thing to strike me with CD 2001 is the powerful sound, something many underground bands don't pay attention to unfortunately. Not so Gerbe Of Life. Their 12 songs are grind as fuck, no compromises taken either musically or lyrically. Most of the songs are short eruptions of anger, put in a cloak of interesting grind core, where blast parts alternate with mid-tempo sludge.

The lyrics are sung in French by the way, but there are English translations that can be found on the band's webpage. This is a serious underground production that doesn't need to hide behind the more established bands of the genre. Anyone who is into fast underground grind shouldn't hesitate to get this CD. It may be short, but it truly is intense.

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