Giovanni Ferrario - Oxidate Memo

4 songs
21:00 minutes
***** **
Pocket Heaven


Panoplie has been known for the last year of two to bring Italian culture to Luxembourg, to quite some success in a few cases. Now they decided to found a new label, Pocket Heaven, and not only organise concerts anymore, but also release records of Italian artists. Giovanni Ferrario played already twice at the d:qliq, and later this year, his first solo album will be released. Until then, we get this little foretaste in shape of a CD-EP with two new songs and two songs from his (former?) band Micevice that has probably not had that much success outside of Italy. The two Micevice songs from 2000 and 2003 that can be found in the middle of the EP are only pale shadows compared to Ferrario’s new material, where he counter-proves the common idea that artists deteriorate with age. Easy To Forget and The Story Of Your Life (already known from the Tales From My Pocket compilation) are two at first inconspicuous slow rock songs that you need to listen to a couple of times before you recognise the genius of Giovanni Ferrario’s songwriting. Deeply rooted in the late Sixties and Seventies, he sounds like Big Star teaming up with Giant Sand, borrowing mellotron sounds from the Beatles, and creating some of the lushest material you may ever have heard from a solo artist.

Oxidate Memo is only something like an aperitif, but it makes waiting for the upcoming album Headquarter Delirium quite torturous. I am more than certain that the regular album will get an even better rating, considering how better his new material is compared to the Micevice period. Giovanni Ferrario is not the youngest artist out there, but he’s sure worth checking out.

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