GOD DETHRONED - Into The Lungs Of Hell

God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell

8 songs
37:19 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


God Dethroned are one of The Netherlands's oldest death metal bands, and their releases have so far always been a guaranty for excellent death metal. The sixth CD Into The Lungs Of Hell is no exception. Although the record should last longer than just 37 minutes, God Dethroned prove how easy it seems to bring out a great death metal CD with lots of variation. Compared to the previous records, they have become far more melodic because they are fed up with just pure brutal attacks. The opener and title track is a slower song with doomy passages, the last one Gods Of Terror is also a calmer track with many instrumental passages. On Soul Sweeper or The Tombstone, God Dethroned show a so far unknown melodic touch. Even if some songs are very brutal (The Warcult, Slaughtering The Faithful), they always get interrupted by beautiful melodic passages. Another change is the plot of the lyrics: although God Dethroned still haven't become good Christians, the lyrics deal with wars in the name of god, media influence and animal rights. This record will also be published as a limited double CD with six live bonus tracks, a Possessed cover version (Satan's Curse) and two video clips.

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