Good Weather Girl - Boon

14 songs
34:19 minutes
***** ***


Siblings playing music together is quite common, with most such acts (Fiery Furnaces, CocoRosie, Tegan and Sara) finding themselves in the indie rock genres. Good Weather Girl are in that respect no different, because although guitarist Shem comes from a metal and hardcore background and his singing sister Dion October being more into acoustic music and electronica, the songs on their debut Boon have this na´ve quality associated with the aforementioned acts.

Their mother Soo Catwoman was a punk style icon in the Seventies and encouraged her kids to always express themselves, and that’s what they do on this record. The one minute opener Don’t Worry (Original Version) made my hair stand up due to its exaggerated lo-fi quality, but the following, just as short re-recorded version reconciles. From here on, the duo unleashes hit after hit, and while I can imagine their live shows to be a bit sparse, they did the smart thing and hired session musicians that added drums, bass and organ to provide a fuller sound.

The songwriting is simple yet effective, the arrangements are basic yet functional, yet it can’t be denied that the centre of focus are Dion October’s childlike vocals that will either hook you or make you run away. Fortunately the former was the case for me, and although I am often horrified at the prospect of quirky indie pop, Good Weather Girl have good enough songwriting to make them land on the winning side. Their songs are hardly ever over three minutes long, which also helps, as they reduce everything to a minimal necessity, coming finally up with a short yet sweetly appealing album that should brighten the day of every warm-hearted indie fan.

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