GOOF - Blue

Goof - Blue

10 songs
37:01 minutes


It's very rare that such mellow music as played by Goof gets reviewed on this site. In fact I saw the CD lying on an empty table at the Pop Up in Leipzig and couldn't resist putting it into my pocket. As far as I understand, Blue is not only the debut for Goof, but also for their label Philigran. In general, Goof may be described as a groovy, but relax pop band with strong trip hop, hip hop and jazz elements. The opener Package Price is a very calm song with slight trip hop elements and it reminds me of Day One. Invitation is a more rhythmic track where hip hop vocals get combined with acid jazz music. More classic jazz-like is the next song Blue. On Motherly Lover, Goof get support by a female singer. Brain Games is the most electronic song and shows parallels to Depeche Mode. I prefer the tracks that don't contain too many hip hop elements. Even if the best rapper on earth were a white guy, this music suits more to black people. I don't think that I will put the Goof CD very often in the tray of my CD player. But bank managers, dress men and other yuppies could find pleasure with this record. But I wonder if they are part of the readers of this homepage...

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