GORAMPAGE - From The Inside Out

GoRampage - From The Inside Out

12 songs
45:12 minutes
***** ***
Fond Of Life


A couple of years ago, four teenage kids founded the band GoRampage. The young Hessians took inspiration from their idols Propagandhi and Weakerthans, consequently playing nice punk rock with a strong California touch. They did lots of small club show and self-released demo CDs before they were discovered by the Saarland based punk label Fond Of Life who now publish the official debut From The Inside Out.

The short biography doesn’t reveal when the band was founded, but they must have gathered sufficient experience to have been able to create such a mature sounding product. They are not afraid to let the guitars sound dirty, which makes for some really strong noise rock components. But the emo amount is also not negligible, which can best be heard on the catchy choruses. A first highlight is Anthem For Redemption, a prime example of melodic punk rock that knows to please instantly. Sometimes the songs tend more into an indie rock direction, at other times the band opts for melodic punk, but their tracks have all something in common: wonderful choir vocals during the choruses that help the songs to stick. A somewhat mellower approach can be found on Faces That I’ll Never Know, but GoRampage smartly circumvent kitsch regions. Only the eighty seconds long instrumental Finally Home which robs the album of its momentum could have left aside. The CD ends with three great pieces that prove that the band can hold its level from beginning to end.

GoRampage certainly don’t set new accents with their music, but they do their thing so ingeniously that the final result comes across as totally unforced and relaxed. Those who like loud guitars and melodic punk rock have no excuse not to give GoRampage a chance. This band has the potential to play with the big dogs.

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