Grand Sports - Blue Skies

12 songs
38:09 minutes
***** **


Grand Sports are a three-piece from Nuremberg that is into uncomplicated and direct rock music. Their self-released debut Everywhere You Go came out in 2008, but its successor Blue Skies has been released on a label, with Blubox Studios noise guru Guido Lucas doing his best to give the band his trademark sound. Fans of Blackmail, Harmful, Scumbucket, etc. are therefore advised to check out Grand Sports.

This doesn’t mean of course that all of these bands sound alike. Obviously Grand Sports like unpolished noise rock, the way it is done best by Germans. The guitar is never timid, and voice distortion helps to emphasise a certain retro touch. The band works hard not to have every song sound the same. Most of the time, they are rocking uncompromisingly straightforward, reminding somewhat of Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age. Be Free for instance could be a lost QOTSA track. But Grand Sports have also a more melancholic side, as can be heard on the Blind Melon-like Again. Acoustic guitars can be heard on Feel What You See. There is also a rather well done instrumental, and the concluding Seven Riders, thanks to its parallels to Alice In Chains, displays an authentic grunge flair.

Grand Sports play rather pleasant rock music, and the short running time prevents any risks of monotony creeping in. The band’s lack of experience is still a little noticeable, as they sometimes try to hard to emulate their idols, at the cost of their own ideas. Once they get that problems solved, I have no doubts that they will score even better the next time.

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