The Graviators - Evil Deeds

10 songs
52:35 minutes
***** ****


The Graviators are a quartet from Sweden that combines elements of stoner and doom metal in a fascinating way. They ass to this an incredibly authentic Seventies retro feeling that won me over instantly. After their self-titled debut from 2009, they are now, three years later, back with its successor Evil Deeds, which sounds even more exciting than the predecessor that I decided to get also.

The opener Soulstealer shows right away what to expect. This rather doomy track is also my personal favourite and reminds me of the early Black Sabbath as well as of the early Trouble. There is also a certain occult touch that may let you think of Black Widow and Mercyful Fate. Compared to the debut, the psychedelic component has grown, which is a totally positive development. The eight minute long Presence with its retro organ and the wonderfully bubbling background sounds is another great example of fucked up rock’n’roll. Occasionally the band is acting in a more bluesy way, but even then they still sound dirty. This applies especially to two shorter tracks Feelin’ Low and A Different Moon. Another highlight is Häxagram which could be considered a tribute to Mercyful Fate. The high as well as the deep vocals both remind strongly of King Diamond. If you want to check out the band’s stoner side, you’ll have to listen to The Great Deception.

Although The Graviators are acting in deep past territory, I have to admit that I haven’t heard such an uncomplicated album in a very long time. Evil Deeds contains a lot of space for improvisation where you will notice that the musicians work as a perfectly functioning entity. This is a far out piece of rock music that I can hardly ever get enough of.

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