THE GRIT - Straight Out The Alley

The Grit - Straight Out The Alley

12 songs
45:23 minutes
***** ****
People Like You


Straight Out The Alley is the second album by British band The Grit. They have upgraded to a quintet since their debut Shall We Dine from 2007, and the second guitar really works wonders. Rarely a CD conveys pleasure of music as well as here.

The musicians have an extremely uncomplicated approach and combine gaudily different styles like punk, rockabilly, country, folk, rock’n’roll and ska into something that begs to be danced to. Just imagine Misfits, Social Distortion and The Clash jamming together, with Mick Jones taking over the microphone. The CD is a musical journey straight through the rock garden where tex mex, ska, reggae, vintage rock and punk follow each other in a seemingly arbitrary way, and sometimes even happen simultaneously. The band doesn’t shy away from genre atypical instruments, like the horn section on 12th Floor, but uses also harmonica, mandolin and ukulele. Only the nine minute long Here We Go Again, consisting actually of two acoustic pieces, is somewhat tedious, but as the last track on the CD, it doesn’t interrupt the flow.

Globally speaking, The Grit are a rock’n’roll band. The word “boredom” is not in their dictionary, giving Straight Out The Alley every chance of becoming a milestone that can be placed next to the classics of modern rock’n’roll from Social Distortion, Volbeat, Ramones, Turbonegro,… This album should mean the breakthrough for The Grit.

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