GUILTY GUITARS - Walk By Your Side

Guilty Guitars - Walk By Your Side

6 songs
27:16 minutes
***** ***
Guilty Guitars / Tumbleweed


Guilty Guitars is an indie guitar rock three-peace from Germany who, after a debut album in 2005, are now back with their new six-song EP Walk By Your Side, released on their own label but distributed by Tumbleweed. Guitarist and bass player not only share the vocals, but are also brothers, which may be a reason for the perfect dual vocals we get often during the choruses. Their singing, reminding of The Beatles, King’s X and Galactic Cowboys, is accompanied by some freewheeling indie rock with loud and distorted guitars, hence the band name.

The opener Believe get us into a fuzz-rocking start: shrieking guitars, pumping rhythm section and the aforementioned double vocals. Sixties-like harmonies clash with Nineties noise rock à la Motorpsycho. Although the next track, Don’t Take Part, is led on an acoustic guitar, this sounds less like an emo band that a time-trip in The Beatles’ rehearsal room.

Most of the songs are of course distorted guitar rock, even sometimes hinting back to the early Eighties in the USA (Hüsker Dü). Occasional serene moments make for diversity, and after not even half an hour arises the wish that this should have been another full length album, maybe with one or two longer songs where the band could dive into even more developed noise orgies, which are the perfect contrast to the harmonic vocals.

Eight points for an entertaining guitar rock album which rock just so much more than most of their contemporaries. If the next album can equal the quality and increase the running time, we might be in for something even better.

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