GUN BARREL - Bombard Your Soul

Gun Barrel - Bombard Your Soul

12 songs
49:59 minutes
***** **


I have really bad memories of Gun Barrel, and their two first albums never got more than two out of ten on DisAgreement Online. This didn't prevent the German rock'n'roller to play already at least twice in Luxembourg, and to release a third album after a two and half year recording break. Maybe I am disappointed, but Bombard Your Soul is anything but a bad album. Piet Sielck's production is very basic but totally efficient, leaving Gun Barrel the necessary freedom to play songs in the arithmetic average of Aussie R'n'R (AC/DC, Rose Tattoo) and Germany Eighties metal (Victory, Thunderhead), all of the time coming up with butt kicking chords and one hell of an attitude.

Is this original? Hell, no! But that should not be a criterion when it comes to judging rock'n'roll music. I didn't care to listen to the band's older albums, and maybe (even probably) they were never as bad as we made them here, but Bombard Your Soul is refreshing in its naivety, and should be a remedy against any lame party. This is 60% rock'n'roll and 40% metal, finding a successful equilibrium that deserves to be sampled by fans of both genres.

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