GUST OF ANGER - Natural Hostility

Gust Of Anger - Natural Hostility

13 songs
44:21 minutes
***** **

Latvia may not be the World's capital city of Latvia, but since the emergence of Skyforger, this Eastern European country is no longer a blind spot on the music atlas. Where Skyforger are more into pagan black metal, Gust Of Anger chose a more Western approach to their music.

You shouldn't judge a band by their band photos, but here it is already strongly hinted that you can expect modern thrash metal. I hesitate to use the word nu metal because of all the negative connotations, and then GOA are really a strong thrash metal band most of the time... when I say most of the time, I have to clarify that a song like S.S.B. is absolutely magnificent, modern without reminding of any other band in particular, but especially towards the end of the album, the band tends to lose itself in generic structures.

What makes up for this lack of variety at the end of the album is the strong production by Daniel Bergstrand. In fact it is really surprising that a band from North Eastern Europe records in a Northern country, just to be released in a Western country like Belgium by Mausoleum Records. That's the kind of internationalism I appreciate.

Apart from this, I really like the cover artwork. The lyrics are a different topic: I admire bands that nowadays still have socially relevant lyrics, but unfortunately the GOA's English is not too perfect. Still, the great production, the good songwriting and the attitude make this an album that every fan of bands like Machine Head or System Of A Down should check out. There's not only good bands coming from the West.

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