GUV'NORS - Highroller

Guv'nors - Highroller

14 songs
41:47 minutes
***** ***
Lucky Seven / Diehard


The cover artwork shows already all the important things in life: cigarettes, beer, card games and of course naked women. The Guv'nors from Denmark are very strict about their clichés, and also take great care to include a lot of silliness into their lyrics. But hey, it's only rock'n'roll, and we like it. The whole artwork reminds a lot of their labelmates Freebase, but the Guv'nors are less hardcore, therefore combine street punk, brit oi and good old rock'n'roll into a sonic brew that should get a lot of people dancing.

Already the opener Blame The British has everything a good punk rock song needs: sing-a-long chorus, snotty vocals and fast pace. In fact the songwriting is much superior to other punk bands, and you feel in your guts that the Guv'nors took great care to write pieces that you will remember. Apart from their own songs, they also cover Slade's Give Us A Goal and Motörhead's Rock'n'Roll. The latter makes me especially happy, because not many bands so far have covered a Lemmy song that was not from their early period, and this here is actually a song that works totally perfectly on this album.

Like I said before, don't take this band too seriously when it comes to what they say, but by all means, listen to their music because you won't find a more rocking street punk band anywhere at the moment.

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