GWAR - Lust In Space

Gwar - Lust In Space

11 songs
45:03 minutes
***** ***


Gwar can be considered veterans of the shock rock genre, considering that they can celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary in 2010. As we are used from them, they took their time to release their new CD Lust In Space, coming three years after its predecessor Beyond Hell. The album title is a witty parody of the Lost In Space movie, and the trashy cover artwork has been slyly stolen from Kiss’ Love Gun.

Don’t expect anything fundamentally new on Gwar’s eleventh studio album, but that should not deter prospective listeners. Those who were into their music in the past, will continue liking their unique mix of thrash and heavy metal with some hints of glam and shock rock. The six minute long opener and title track is an excellent thrasher with dramatic parts. Oderus Urungus’ mighty voice even adds a certain rock musical flair. The following Let Us Slay continues in a much heavier way, which counts also for Damnation Under God. Gwar stay more or less true to their main principles throughout the album, but that doesn’t mean that every song sounds the same. Lords And Masters starts for instance with a very brisk pace and then turns into the horror punk genre. The Price Of Peace, the only weak track on the album, sounds too hardcore for my taste. Gwar are always strongest when they play metal, which becomes obvious on the playful Make A Child Cry and the varied Release The Flies.

Scumdogs Of The Universe will never cease being Gwar’s perennial classic and can’t be topped due to that album’s surprising effect on the music scene, but the monster rockers draw extensively from their history, which might make Lust In Space probably their third strongest output effort ever, right after America Must Be Destroyed. I didn’t expect such a solid effort from the ageing shock rockers.

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