GWEN STACY - The Life I Know

Gwen Stacy - The Life I Know

12 songs
46:32 minutes


What the hell is going on at Ferret Music? On the one hand, they are spoiling us with great new bands like Foxy Shazam who are reinventing modern indie core all by themselves, and then at the same time, they try to poison Europe with Christian propaganda. Only a few weeks ago, I nearly choked on The Devil Wears Prada CD, and things turn out to be not much better with Gwen Stacy. Where the more popular Ohio rockers borrowed their name from a chick flick (ok, to be fair, from the novel the movie is inspired by), the just as rural Christ punks from Indiana have stolen their band name from a female cartoon character.

The ingredients are typical for that kind of music. It’s ok metalcore with many stop-and-go chord sequences, aggressive barking vocals and occasional melodic moments that even work, as on the opener The Path To Certainty and If We Life Right, We Can’t Die Wrong. And yes, Gwen Stacy also have a knack for weird song titles (I Was Born With Two First Names; Gone Fishing, See You In A Year, I’ll Splatter You Like Jackson Pollock,…), again something they have in common with The Devil Wears Prada. On the seven minute long Sleeping In The Trainyard, Gwen Stacy try for epic grandeur but soon get lost without actually going anywhere.

The Life I Know is not better or worse than your average metalcore album released by your average newcomer band, but I don’t see how genres like metal, hardcore and punk, who always stood against the establishment, can be reconciled with the Christian faith, especially when we look back and see what crimes have been done in the name of faith by the current US administration. When Reagan was on the loose back in the Eighties, bands took pride in attacking his policies wherever they could. Now in the new millennium, it seems to be commercially wiser to suck up to the president and offer a nice and clean version of a genre that was initially intended to wake people from their stupor. And that’s what finally makes me so sick about bands that label themselves Christians.

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