HAEMORRHAGE - Morgue Sweet Home

Haemorrhage - Morgue Sweet Home

14 songs
36:15 minutes
***** ***

By mentioning that this is Haemorrhage's fourth CD, I wouldn't do them justice. These Spanish grindsters, who have been active since the early 90ies, have released already lots of split-vinyls, tapes, etc. For such a busy band, you have to admit though that they always stay true to their roots. Morgue Sweet Home delivers 14 killer songs of uncompromising grind core. Haemorrhage seldom slow down, and the production is raw enough to make it sound like true underground music. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying 'bad production', but a very basic one, as if you were together with the band in a small and greasy club, listening to their perverted messages of gore.

Hard to compare to their other releases (because I haven't had time to listen to them lately), but I bet that grind core fans surely won't be disappointed by this. 8 big points for a band that may be stagnating, but that still kicks ass like few others.

You'll get lots more information on the band's really well done homepage.

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