HAEMORRHAGE - The Kill Sessions

Haemorrhage - The Kill Sessions

10 songs
20:14 minutes
***** *


Everyone who is into radio DJing should have John Peel as an idol. The late music pioneer knew no stylistic boundaries and recorded bands of every style in his studio, with some of his most notorious being Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. To commemorate his memory, Spanish grindcore legend Haemorrhage asked their fans to come up with ten favourites and recorded them in a professional studio in Madrid as The Kill Sessions.

As a tribute to John Peel, this works rather well. Haemorrhage are a band with many years of experience, and you feel their live energy sparking over in the studio. The recording quality is very dirty, with a certain punk attitude, and their songs that all run for more or less two minutes are true grind steamrollers. Unfortunately it’s also the raw sound that prevents technical qualities to shine through, so that you eventually get twenty rather same-sounding minutes. Apart from the CD, this album has also been released as limited picture LP and normal LP editions, where especially the latter pleases with exquisite cover artwork that honours the memory of those good, old original Peel Session vinyl longplayers. Those Haemorrhage vinyl versions are also more expensive than the lesser priced CD version with the skull cover.

The Kill Sessions is a short fun grindcore experience, but somehow I feel as if I preferred the Spaniards’ regular albums. Therefore this record is for collectors mostly.

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