HALLOWEEN - Victims Of The Night

Halloween - Victims Of The Night

14 songs
49:42 minutes
Pure Steel


After the surprisingly good debut, I was of course looking forward to discover another re-release by Detroit metal band Halloween. Victims Of The Night was their third record, published in 1997, but recorded already in 1986, five years before their second album No One Gets Out. The lack of a record label deal somehow had this actual sophomore effort hibernate for over a decade.

The early days flair of the debut is sadly lacking. The opener Welcome is still a strongly nostalgic tribute to their beginnings, but soon thereafter the band is quickly running out of steam. The short Rest In Piece is a rare ear-opener, but the remaining material often feels old-fashioned and clumsy. I sadly miss the upbeat pace that made the debut such a winner, giving the impression as if one had to help them along. Somehow they remind me a little of the Scorpions on a bad day, and this is anything but a compliment. It’s a shame that Halloween sound so lethargic, utterly unable to reproduce the magic of their first album. Some tracks even give the impression as if they were not thoroughly finished when they were recorded.

Their fourth and latest album titled Horror Fire came out in 2006, and I wonder if those records will also be re-released by Pure Steel Records. One can only hope that Halloween found back their verve after the disappointing Victims Of The Night.

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