HALO - Body Of Light

Halo - Body Of Light

8 songs
43:52 minutes
Relapse / Suburban


Halo are extreme. And unlike many other bands, they are aware and proud of it, which you will notice immediately when you check out their website where they publish good reviews as well as bad ones. This is the second Halo CD I have the honour to listen to, and you can't claim that it's easy listening. Halo are just two guys, and the fact that Body Of Light has been recorded live should already give you an idea of the minimalism presented here. The two Australians S.Klein and R.Allen play drums, bass and a wall of noise (no guitars, if I understood and heard correctly), and they do that in such a distorted way that you feel like standing in the middle of a steel manufacturing factory. The bass guitar is amped up to the max, the drums have a surprisingly organic sound to it, which prevents them from sounding as clinically cold as many of their industrial contemporaries, and the speed of the music is always very slow, like swimming in a lake of molasses. All of that is topped with the most painful vocals you can imagine.

Nowadays of course, when we're talking about industrial music, most people think naturally of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, but if that is so, we better consider this to be post-industrial apocalyptic armageddon noise. Halo are experimental, but there is always the structure of a song hidden beneath their depressive noisescapes. It's hard to compare them to any other band, but let's give it a try: early Godflesh on downers, the sublime Japanese experimental band Boris, or dipping your head in flowing lava. I don't feel like rating this album. It's a difficult listen, it depresses me, and I doubt that I will come back to it often, but then I also recognize that this is some kind of art, by a band that relies on real instruments instead of computers, who record an album live instead of spending weeks in expensive studios. If you are in for the extreme, you should check halo out, but if music is associated with a sense of rhythm for you, then you know that this is where you have to skip.

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