HANNES ORANGE - Am Ende des Tages

Hannes Orange - Am Ende des Tages

10 songs
36:46 minutes
***** ****


Am Ende des Tages is the second album by Hannes Orange, one of Germany's best pop artists. Earlier this year, he released already a quite promising CD-EP, and the current full length album doesn't disappoint at all. Some of the tracks from the EP are included on this CD, like the wonderful singalong song Feuer Frei that refuses to leave your mind, and Amsterdam, maybe the perfect pop song. Also known are Du fängst mich, a slow song which develops some quite angry momentum, and Was ich meine, a fine alternative pop tune.

The five new tracks on the album can keep the high level of what has been known so far. The opener Weiss is the only track with some English lyrics, putting Hannes Orange close to the White Stripes. My general impression of the record is that the new songs have less pop appeal than the older ones, with Hannes Orange showing that he can also rock. I especially like Leute and Wohlstandskind, two tracks which are angry and melancholic at the same time. They show that the late Kurt Cobain may be among Hannes Orange's influences.

I enjoyed listening to this record very much. The advance was already very good, but Hannes Orange proves that he has to potential to write enough good material for an entire album.

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