HANOVER SAINTS - Truth Rings Out

Hanover Saints - Truth Rings Out

13 songs
32:31 minutes
***** ***


The United States are the country where supposedly everything is possible. OK, maybe not everything, but then some really unlikely-in-other-places kind of things. Like the Hanover Saints. If you listen to their first full-length record, it sounds like a typical street punk album with some Oi influences. But once you have a look at the lyrics, you'll be surprised to see in them a Christian punk band.

Apart from that curiosity, Truth Rings Out is an album that may sound a bit generic in the beginning, but that after some twists in the CD player will definitely grow on you. Just pray there are no hidden, masked or backwards messages. Brian Faucett, who plays the guitar and sings, is the mastermind behind the Saints, and his warm but yet rough guitar playing places the music somewhere between early Hüsker Dü and GBH.

Street punks may like this album and shouldn't bother so much about the lyrics, as I have met a lot of Atheists singing happily along to Shelter's Krishna hymns, and religion is still religion, no matter what colour you choose. On the band page, there's also a link to their label's MP3 page where you can download dozens of extreme religious music. 8 Amens.

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