HARKONEN - Shake Harder Boy

Harkonen - Shake Harder Boy

11 songs
35:49 minutes
***** ***
Hydrahead / Conspiracy


Emo math core or whatever you want to call it is the new big thing. Well, not that new, and also not that big, but since emo means again fistfuls of energy, and weird time signatures have become common ground in the hardcore genre, I have to admit that I have rekindled my love of that music.

Harkonen are from Washington state, and therefore don't sound too much unlike their neighbours from Botch. The music is at first listening very harsh, wild and straight in your face, but once you spend some time with their music, you will notice that there is much more to their music. Angry vocals are undermined by hectic guitar rhythms, sometimes smoothed over by more floating guitar carpets, and the occasional dark industrial influence.

While Harkonen behave already in a very professional way, and certainly show a tendency of musical eclecticness, their songwriting skills are not yet as perfect as those of the math kings Dillinger Escape Plan or Candiria. Those latter bands have perfected the art of being totally complicated and accessible at the same time, whereas Harkonen force you to spend more time with their music to understand it. Baristas Get Stalked for instance is a good example of solid songwriting, and Easy Prey with its dark undertones even shows that Harkonen can - at times - be quite different from similar bands.

All in all, Shake Harder Boy is a good album, if not yet the über-CD we have come to expect in this genre lately. Still, people who like their anger in a more progressive way should stop at this album and give it a chance. 8 points.

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