HARMFUL - Sanguine

Harmful - Sanguine

12 songs
40:25 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Although the German noise rock trio Harmful has been founded about ten years ago, I've never heard of them so far. Maybe they weren't too lucky in their career as each of their five CDs was released on a different label. The fifth album Sanguine has an inviting cover artwork, but the music itself shouldn't disappoint either. Don't suppose to expect anything too original from Harmful, as they are following a trend which seems to be especially popular in Germany. On most of the 12 songs, Harmful play quite raw noise rock with distorted guitars, but very melodic choruses. They always succeed to combine the louder parts with more relax ones. Without following any thoughts of commercial business, they play songs which may entertain a post-grunge generation from the first to the last note. Parallels to Therapy?, Afghan Whigs, Sans Secours and sometimes Sonic Youth are obvious. This album can be recommended to every rock fan who isn't stuck in the seventies.

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