HAROLD NONO - The Death Of Barra

Harold Nono - The Death Of Barra

4 songs
18:33 minutes
***** **
Rack & Ruin


Ambient music has probably been designed from the beginning to be something that should be listened to in the background. Harold Nono from Scotland, who has been quite active the last few years releasing his soundscapes, pieces together four weird compositions that more or less flow into each other and eventually constitute something like a twenty minute horror soundtrack for the mind.

The Death Of Barra reveals its subtleties only after a few runs, and believe me, it takes quite some stamina to make it through this spooky EP even a first time. Harold Nono takes time setting up his atmospheres, flirts a little with dark string sounds for the cinematographic effect, and decent rhythms take care to carry the listener along.

The Death Of Barra would be an ideal soundtrack for a dark horror movie. It reminds me a little of the stark sound sculptures of Brian Eno with the tension of very early Tangerine Dream before they discovered the danceability of the sequencer. Fans of introspective ambient music should check Harold Nono out, especially since you can download this EP for free on a net label.

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