HAROLD NONO & HIDEKAZU WAKABAYASHI - Harold Nono & Hidekazu Wakabayashi

Harold Nono & Hidekazu Wakabayashi - Harold Nono & Hidekazu Wakabayashi

11 songs
44:53 minutes
***** ***

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It’s a common practice in electronic music for two artists living thousands of miles apart to record a collaborative album without ever actually meeting each other in the flesh. While Harold Nono from Scotland and Hidekazu Wakabayashi from Japan certainly incorporate electronic elements in their music, their self-titled record has become a mostly acoustic affair of eleven tracks that create a soothing atmosphere ideal to start the Spring season.

The opener Nobody Plays Baseball Here gives already a good impression of what to expect. The overall mellow song later adds some more jarring elements that merge well with the quiet sounds. This is all instrumental music, with occasional vocal samples being the exception, as on the slightly more upbeat I Wanted To Go To The Party, a weirdly rhythmic track with a very melancholic undertone. The two musicians play keyboards, guitar, melodica, beat machines and probably much more, making every single cut an experience of joyous discovery.

This might be labelled as ambient music, but it also has a certain post rock tendency and a playful experimental nature, although the latter never takes the upper hand, making sure that this three quarters of an hour long CD stays beautifully serene throughout. It’s definitely nothing I would want to listen to in my car, but probably can’t be beaten as a soundtrack for introspective evenings at home.

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