HATESPHERE - The Sickness Within

HateSphere - The Sickness Within

11 songs
44:41 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


My first impression about HateSphere wasn't too positive. Their previous four song EP The Killing was not overly exciting and the best track on it was a cover version by Suicidal Tendencies. A little later, I experienced HateSphere as the opener for Morbid Angel where they did a very good job. So I wondered what to expect from their meanwhile fifth full-length album The Sickness Within.

I must say that the result is very satisfying: the five metalheads from Denmark show you what brutal metal is all about. The opener The White Fever and the following The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood are two fast and brutal songs, absolutely in the vein of Slayer. The vocals are tremendous, the changes from crude growls to angry screams really work tremendously. HateSphere's songs are often quite simple, but they are efficient and always come to the point without losing any time. The powerful guitar harmonies add melody without scaring the thrash metal fans away. Variation is an important aspect on this record. Even if most songs show parallels to Slayer, the album contains enough surprises you wouldn't expect from HateSphere. The title track is quite groovy, Murderous Intent is a mixture of thrash and doom metal and Heaven Is Ready To Fall even contains some gothic elements.

The progress realised by HateSphere is very remarkable, making their music attractive for a large audience of death, thrash and metalcore fans.

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