Hatesphere - To The Nines

10 songs
34:57 minutes
***** ***


Every two years, Danish thrashers Hatesphere release new albums. Their newest and sixth To The Nines has once again become a real smasher, exactly what you would expect from a thrash metal band. This may seem surprising considering that nearly the entire line-up changed, but sometimes new input and ideas can help a lot. Only guitarist Peter Hansen remained from the previous constellation.

The opener and title track sees the newly staffed band getting instantly to the point. The gas pedal is nearly constantly pushed to the bottom, creating an ideal playground for the raw vocals. Compared to that, the precise and ingenious guitar riffs feel somewhat unexpected but help giving the album its glory. Some tracks, like Cloaked In Shit and Aurora, come a little slower but definitely not less brutal. Hatesphere simply play timeless thrash metal of the harder kind and keeps fortunately a healthy distance to contemporary metalcore patterns. The music reminds therefore a little of The Haunted and DevilDriver, if comparisons are allowed. The band excels on the complex The Writing’s On The Wall and the ultra-fast Oceans Of Blood, a great way to conclude the record.

As someone imbibed with thrash nostalgia, I have found a lot to love in the new Hatesphere album and hope that their new line-up will persist longer as this was until now the case with this band. Collectors should consider getting the limited edition which pads this actually rather short album with two live tracks, a bonus song and a video clip.

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