HAVE HEART - Songs To Scream At The Sun

Have Heart - Songs To Scream At The Sun

10 songs
21:07 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


Two years ago, Have Heart entered the hardcore world by storm with their debut The Things We Carry, and it was of course a valid question if they were able to top this with their second longplayer. I remain with a half-hearted yes, because although they made a huge jump forward in terms of quality, I seriously wonder if a twenty-one minute short work can be considered full-length, especially since Have Heart are anything but a grindcore band. Granted, often the speed of their songs is quite fast (although they feel perfectly comfortable in groovy mid-tempo parts), and you look in vain for any superfluous moments, but in a time where people are losing purchasing power all over the world, it would seem fairer to sell this at the price of an EP.

Production-wise, the band played it safe and recorded in Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou’s studio. The guitars are dense and fat, the rhythm section manages to lay down a rumbling backbone, while the vocals are pure old school screams that have the necessary amount of melody to make this sound like early Nineties East Coast hardcore.

To make up for the short running time, you get a CD artwork that is gorgeously beautiful, and a lyrical concept which is a coming of age story, true to the bands positive hardcore attitude. Songs To Scream At The Sun is an excellent holistic work of art, combining poetic lyrics with emotional yet powerful music into something hardcore is really rarely these days. If it only lasted a little longer…

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