HAVE HEART - The Things We Carry

Have Heart - The Things We Carry

11 songs
26:00 minutes
***** **
Bridge Nine


Have Heart are a five-piece from Boston and their hardcore couldn't have a more old school approach. The Things We Carry is a debut CD and although the band isn't too innovative, it could nevertheless bring some fresh wind into a hardcore scene that currently isn't too trendy and present in the media.

The songs are quite short and two of them aren't even a minute long. Although the songs are generally very fast, Have Heart never forget to leave some space for melodic parts. Mostly the odd tracks are faster with harder riffs (personal faves: Armed With A Mind, Song Of Shame) and the even tracks pay less importance to speed (personal faves: Watch Me Sink, Old Man II). The vocals are angry and furious and are often accompanied by gang like background screams which made me think a bit of Biohazard. Not unusual is the fact that the vocals are about personal experience and feelings.

Everyone who likes bands like Youth Of Today and Comeback Kid will surely like the debut by Have Heart which could have lasted a bit longer because the music feels honest and passionate, even if it doesn't bring anything new into the hardcore scene. Have Heart are a band that we will probably hear more from in the future.

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