HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - If Only You Were Lonely

Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely

12 songs
43:40 minutes
***** ****


Two years ago, Hawthorne Heights from Ohio were one of the most promising newcomers of the year. Starting as real rookies on Victory Records, their debut The Silence In Black And White nevertheless sold 700.000 copies worldwide. Even if I called the band back then a copy of Silverstein and Taking Back Sunday that doesn't dare taking any risks, I have meanwhile updated my opinion and believe that the record got better after each listening.

My first impression of the new CD is different. Without being too revolutionary, Hawthorne Heights have however been able to reach further personal and musical growth which ended up in a much more mature album. The song writing is more diverse than in the past and the songs convince without exception. Most tracks come with melodies you won't forget too soon. I could imagine songs like This Is Who We Are, We Are So Last Year, Saying Sorry and Breathing In Sequences as singles. Compared to the debut, the screamo passages are much sparser, with the main part of the vocals being melodically emo. Even if many other bands strike a whiny tone, this is not the case for Hawthorne Heights who have one of the best singers in that genre. Dead In The Water is in fact the only song that's a bit more brutal. The album ends with a bizarre piano ballad Decembers that is inspired by the Beach Boys.

A commercial success is already programmed for this record that will certainly also attract the interest of the mainstream. But Hawthorne Heights really deserve it because If Only You Were Lonely is an improvement to The Silence In Black And White. Their combination of melodic and emotional parts combined with partly fiery post hardcore attacks will possibly become a milestone in emo history.

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