HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - The Silence In Black And White

Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black And White

11 songs
43:02 minutes
***** ***


Hawthorne Heights from Daytona are a newly signed band by Victory records and their style matches with a lot of their popular counterparts like Grade, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday or Silverstein. Most of the time, the song writing is very melodic, but there are some emo and hardcore elements in the music. Very classic is the use of three different singers who follow the good cop / bad cop method. While two of them are in charge of the more melodic and emotional parts, the third one shouts his guts out. The music is never really extreme and I could imagine that especially the American youth will appreciate this sound. My favourite track is the very beautiful emo hymn Niki FM, but also other songs like The Transition, Silver Bullet and Ohio Is For Lovers have an obvious hit character and are likely to make it into the rotation of US college radio stations. Instrumentation, vocals and sound production are top notch. The only complaint is that Hawthorne Heights don't dare to take some distance from the aforementioned bands. But they are still very young and they will certainly improve in the future.

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