HEALING SIXES - Enormosound

Healing Sixes - Enormosound

12 songs
46:01 minutes
***** *


Healing Sixes are a newcomer band from the United States, although their drummer Jason Bonham is no other than the son of John Bonham, the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer. The only thing Healing Sixes and Led Zeppelin have in common is that they play rock music, there are no further parallels. Led Zeppelin still belong to my faves, but Healing Sixes are part of the less exciting rock bands. From the musical point of view, they don't show anything new for rock music. Of course they mix some southern and also some alternative elements into classic rock, their debut CD Enormosound is nothing more than an average record. Especially the vocals and the guitars remind me too much of the late King's X. It's not too good to sound like a band whose best days have already passed away years ago. There are of course some little jewels on the CD like the rocking The Half Life or the excellent slow Pride, but the other ten songs are mostly average and sometimes even horrible. End Of Conversation has the same effect as a strong sleeping pill. I nevertheless think that there is some potential in the band, but the musicians still need a lot of practice.

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