HEARTBURNS - Fucked Up In A Bad Way

Heartburns - Fucked Up In A Bad Way

10 songs
17:31 minutes
***** ****


Punk rock from Finland has always had the reputation to be among the dirtiest genres in the world. The Heartburns are no exception, they are even more uncompromising than most of their compatriots. Fucked Up In A Bad Way assembles ten short songs that don't even add up to twenty minutes, making this not even two minutes per song. The excellent opener I Wanna O.D. sounds like finest proto punk combined with some of the grittiest guitar work I have ever heard from a punk band. The remaining nine songs follow the same pattern. The simple chord structures take care not to forget melodies, and Middle Finger Seemu is one hell of a vocalist for whom punk rock is probably much more than a fashion.

We can discuss forever if this is maybe a bit short for a full-length album, but then The Heartburns have everything said and done when the seventeen and a half minutes are over. This way there is no redundancy, making Fucked Up In A Bad Way an exquisitely compact old school punk album that is aimed at everyone who wants to hear The Ramones on speed.

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