HEAVEN'S SCUM - It All Ends In Pain

Heaven's Scum - It All Ends In Pain

15 songs
57:54 minutes


Heavenís Scum is a metal band that was founded in the south of Luxembourg in 2011. Since 2012 the quartet has been playing under the same line-up, and late 2013 they started recording their debut album which came out in Spring 2014.

I really do like metal, and claim that there is a lot of potential in the local metal scene. But when it comes to Heavenís Scum, I admit that I am having a hard time. The band doesnít want to commit itself stylistically, which in itself should be a good thing. In this case though, the band seems to be rowing in all kinds of directions without really knowing what their destination is. Very often they feel stranded in mid-tempo waters, and it doesnít help that the rather monotonous growls donít seem to fit either. Occasionally the band is stomping along with a little more energy, or let it drag even more, and the few ballads can best be described as askew. There are a couple of good tracks hidden within the hour long album, like the up-tempo Inferno, but even here the vocals could do with some more variety. The powerful Stalker is also a better moment on It All Ends In Pain.

The album is suffering from different issues. First of all the running time of nearly an entire hour is just too long for a young band like Heavenís Scum who isnít mature enough to pull off such a long stunt. The band didnít want to leave anything of their repertoire aside, but maybe less would have been more. The bands really needs to be working on the vocals for the next album. The songwriting could also take advantage of a little more sophistication as a lot of the music sounds a little bumpy. In the end I felt somewhat disappointed by It All Ends In Pain. It has been said that Heavenís Scum are much more convincing in a live setting, so I can always hope that in the future they will be able to capture that energy and verve in the studio.

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