HEIRS - Fowl

Heirs - Fowl

7 songs
45:05 minutes
***** ***


Last year Australian instrumental quartet Heirs left a rather good impression with their debut Alchera on which they explored the darker sides of post rock. Now they are back with the follow-up Fowl, and it shows that they have worked hard on their strengths to emphasise even stronger their gloomy atmospheres full of despair and hopelessness.

Fowl starts with the nearly nine minute long Dust, and the following title track nearly makes it to ten minutes. It is here where the band is at their darkest, twisting the post rock genre into something infinitely bleaker by infusing sub-zero industrial beats and crawling doom rhythms. On Burrow they flirt with electronic elements, and while this track may not sound as suicidal as the preceding ones, it shows another very welcome side of this maturing band. Tyrant with its three minute running time is atypically short, but the three final tracks resume the band’s trademark six minute formula that might be labelled industrial post doom rock.

My initial scepticism has vanished on Heirs’ sophomore album, as it shows a promising band fully able to combine good songwriting ideas with great production values that give as much weight to the roomy distorted guitars as to the fiercely pounding rhythm section. Those of you who have grown tired of the melancholic lyricism of generic post rock might find some enchantment of Fowl’s incredibly apocalyptic sonic visions.

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