HELLISH WAR - Defenders Of Metal / Heroes Of Tomorrow

Hellish War - Defenders Of Metal / Heroes Of Tomorrow

12 / 11 songs
77:24 / 70:54 minutes
***** *** / ***** **
Pure Steel


Hellish War is a Brasilian metal band that started in São Paolo in 1995. They didn’t spend often time in studios, so that they recorded only two CDs: Defenders Of Metal (2001) and Heroes Of Tomorrow (2008). Pure Steel Records releases now both albums plus bonus tracks as a double CD sold for the price of a single one.

Defenders Of Metal is very fast but always melodic metal that recalls early Helloween and Gamma Ray. The guitar technique seems to have inspired by Iron Maiden. The CD is full of clichés, not only when it comes to the lyrics, but also the endless sequences of guitar solos or the partly really high vocal lines. Two songs cross even the ten minute border and manage thanks to well placed breaks to make it successfully through their running time. Especially the hymn Sacred Sword should get metal hearts beat faster. Those into authentic sounding Eighties metal are at the right address with this album.

Time has left its traces, therefore Heroes Of Tomorrow, recorded seven years after its predecessor, sounds more mature and grown up. The aforementioned clichés still count, but the band is now emphasising its energies on melodic metal reminding of Angra and Hammerfall. The songs feel more thought through, and are also partly slower. The symphonic component is also more present than on the debut. The high vocal lines don’t fit as well here, even though the singer still does a great job.

Heroes Of Tomorrow is doubtlessly the more ambitious album of the two, but the winner is still Defenders Of Metal as the band performed more charming and less strained. Fans of timeless metal will be well serves with both albums though.

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