HELLKOMMANDER - Death To My Enemies

Hellkommander - Death To My Enemies

9 songs
33:30 minutes
***** **
High Roller


Originally released on CD in 2007, Death To My Enemies was the debut of Hellkommander from Brazil. Two years later vinyl aficionados will also get their due with a limited release in two different colours: black and red/black splatter.

The band name hints already at the three-piece’s biggest influence: Hellhammer. Although Celtic Frost were in my opinion always the far superior band, it seems that there are quite a few band who try to emulate the sound of the Swiss band’s predecessor whose ultra-primitive death black thrash metal still has some undeniable attraction today.

The Brazilians have had plenty of experience in bands like Sodomizer, Diabolic Force, Grave Desecrator, Apocalyptic Raids, Nocturnal Worshipper and many more, which should explain that their routined behaviour makes sure that their tribute comes across with absolute sincerity and authenticity.

The songs are mostly played at quite a fast pace, with a certain punkish delivery. The simple yet fitting production adds to the early Eighties feeling that Hellkommander are trying successfully to emulate. With the instrumental Morbid Obsession, they even cross a bridge to Celtic Frost who had a similar experimental track on their first EP Morbid Tales. It would be preposterous to call this coincidental.

Let’s face it: there is nothing original to be found on Death To My Enemies, but Hellkommander to a perfect job as a far as tribute bands go. Hellhammer only officially released a split-single and an EP (plus two posthumous compilations), so there might still be a market for this primitive proto thrash. The vinyl edition of this debut even comes with a bonus track, so that collectors get one more reason why to get their hands on this. This would have been a classic thirty years ago, but in the here and now, it is – only – a good if derivative piece of nostalgia. A splendidly done piece of nostalgia though!

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