HELLOWEEN - Live In Sao Paolo

Helloween - Live In Sao Paolo

16 songs
118:20 minutes
***** **
Steamhammer / SPV


Helloween are a real metal institution as they have been around since 1984. They have not only released a baker's dozen of regular albums, but also 8 albums which were recorded live, a collection of rarities or just a greatest hits album. So I wondered what would be the point in one more live album.

During 2005 and 2006, Helloween made a successful and huge world tour over three continents. Most songs on this double-CD were recorded in Sao Paolo. The live feeling works well and I was surprised how well the spectators know the lyrics by heart. There are unfortunately some parts where the too loud audience chants are a bit annoying. But the record's sounding authentic and less clean than on the studio recordings, although the drums could have been more powerful.

The choice of the songs has convinced me a lot. Eleven tracks were taken from the three Keeper Of The Seven Keys albums. Old classics like Halloween, Keeper Of The Seven Keys and Dr. Stein are entertaining as much as the recently published Mrs. God and Occasion Avenue. Most songs are longer than on the studio version which doesn't disturb. Even the amount of guitar solos is tolerable, only the presentation of the musicians and the invitation to the fans to sing along on Future World is too much for my nerves. Another strange fact is that the album contains no songs from the Nineties although Helloween published four CDs in that decade which wasn't their most successful one. Finally there are some tracks from the albums The Dark Ride (2000) and Rabbits Don't Come Easy (2003). Hell Was Made In Heaven is a more disappointing track as it has a too strong pop appeal, but If I Could Fly and Mr Torture are great metal hymns.

There are different versions of this live record and some are also containing DVD parts respectively the entire live set to watch on your TV. So every Helloween fan can decide how much money he's willing to spend for his favourite German metal band. If you have already enjoyed metal in the Eighties, this album will contain some valuable moments to enjoy.

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