HER NAME IS CALLA - The Heritage

Her Name Is Calla - The Heritage

6 songs
51:22 minutes
***** **


Consisting of six to seven members playing such diverse instruments like trumpet, accordion, French horn, synthesizers, trombone, piano, violin, bass, guitar, organ, drums, banjo and cello, you would expect Her Name Is Calla to sound like a genuine orchestra, but that is only true for a few selected moments on their debut EP The Heritage which was originally published by Gizeh Records in 2008, but comes now as a re-release on Denovali Records.

The six minute opener Nylon sets the mood for things to come. Using their many instruments in an extraordinarily sparse way, this young English band weaves an atmosphere of solitude, despair and foreboding. The following nine minute long New England goes on to show Her Name Is Calla from their best side. Although also this track starts out very quietly, it ends in an orgasmic crescendo of symphonic proportions. Paying For Your Funeral is a claustrophobic soundscape and a bit of a letdown after what came before. More melancholy returns on Wren which begins like a folk ballad but eventually adds the band’s more classical instruments. Last regular song is “Motherfucker! It’s Alive And It’s Bleeding.”, with eight minutes another long track, once again dabbling in quietness for its first three quarters before ending in a way reminding of A Silver Mount Zion. The concluding Rebirth is actually not worth mentioning. Total silence for its first twelve minutes before a hidden track finally ends the CD.

Her Name Is Calla are always at their best when they immerse themselves into long compositions. For now they are relying too strongly on their calm side, which is a bit of shame as their dramatic symphonic endeavours are really working extremely well. If this had been a regular longplayer, the rating would have been one to two points lower. The band shows already a lot of promise on their debut EP The Heritage, and if they work harder on their virtues, their upcoming release might just turn out to be spectacular.

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