HEROD - For Whom The Gods Would Destroy

Herod - For Whom The Gods Would Destroy

11 songs
51:56 minutes
***** ***


Although all Herod members have a punk or hardcore past, they decided in the year 2000 to form a more metal sounding band. A clear line chosen by the band was the Bay Area thrash scene and listening to the opener We Are Those People makes you recognise Metallica and Megadeth as their main influences. The drums show strong parallels to Metallica's Lars Ulrich and the vocalist doesn't look too bad imitating James Hatfield, although the guitar player is more interested in paying tribute to Dave Mustaine. This doesn't sound too original, but then the song writing isn't that bad at all. It seems as if Herod have been writing the good thrash songs that their idols didn't think of. Into The Sky is the best example that underlines that statement. Secondly Herod are more than just a simple clone. Some songs are much more melodic than the rest of the album. They certainly will be liked by fans of more classic heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Nevermore). And finally the band can't always hide their hardcore roots. Many songs have parts with really brutal roars that are quickly followed by melodic harmonic vocals. When Your Body Falls is such a song and a highlight of this record. You may accuse Herod of not following a clear line in their songs, but it's more important that they succeed in writing fresh sounding and entertaining metal songs.

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