Heroin UK - Heroin UK

11 songs
36:45 minutes
***** ***


Heroin UK have good chances to win the award for the most ridiculous and stupid band name. And considering their cover artwork, they would at least get a nomination for lack of imagination. Fortunately the music is more interesting than the packaging. The past has shown to expect unusual stuff from MT6 records. One of the five band members is the Newagehillbilly who amazed us with his solo album some months ago. I'm not familiar with the other band members, but names like Chin Forces, Jesus In Disguise and Pokawa Khan are sounding quite promising. Only singer Tony Hays has a more common name.

Globally, the debut by Heroin UK can be described as indie rock, but there's still much more behind it. The influences are quite diverse, from garage rock, wave and punk to psychedelic and stoner. It seems to be important that the instrumentation is kept at a maximum lo-fi level with a weirdly tuned guitar that sounds as distorted as possible. Even when they are trying to build some melodies as on DopeSick and Today, the songs are never losing their rehearsing room flair. This minimalist production works well with the vocals that remind me of early P.I.L. records.

Even if this low budget production is present on all tracks, the record is however more diverse. Wasteland is a snotty track for punk fans, Just Like A Rose contains psychedelic elements and long feedbacks, Explosions is like a punk tribute to Joy Division and Baby sounds, thanks to the voice distortions, like early Guided By Voices.

Digesting the Heroin UK debut isn't an easy task, but it's worth trying. The album doesn't have such a long running time that you couldn't bear it any longer. And it's always possible to discover new elements when listening to an extraordinary record.

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