HIGH KITES - High Kites

High Kites - High Kites

4 songs
13:58 minutes
***** ***


can't tell you very much about the High Kites as there was no label info in the CD box and the band's homepage doesn't contain too much valuable information either. But after only having listened to the first song Photographer, I thought to hear a reincarnation of Iggy & The Stooges. This song is sounding as absolutely authentic as US punk in the Seventies. The next song Black Soul is sharing more or less the same spirit as the opener. The two last songs are a bit slower. Sunday Driver, my favourite one, is still a mega lo-fi track, but contains psychedelic elements which give it a slightly hippie touch. Green, the last one, is a cool mixture of groove and rock. Although four songs give just a brief appreciation of a band, it seems that the High Kites are one of the more interesting recent noise bands.

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