HIGH KITES - Leave The Rock Alone And Try To Let I Roll

High Kites - Leave The Rock Alone And Try To Let I Roll

7 songs
21:07 minutes
***** **


About two years ago, we reviewed a four-track EP by the High Kites from Dresden, Germany. Now they have released another EP containing seven songs that show that the High Kites continue their musical path. Although the opener Stung! begins with an obvious Led Zeppelin riff that is a kind of leitmotif in this song, the general approach by High Kites is much dirtier. They are of course as retro as Led Zeppelin (thanks to the organs), but you will find other elements while listening to the different songs: blues, boogie, garage, early US punk,... To give you a vague indication about the sound, just imagine Iggy Pop being the singer of the Rolling Stones. After six more or less well done songs, the album ends with a rave mix of the opener, a very strange however amusing version. Unfortunately the sound quality of the two live tracks is very poor and Circus Act, the only weaker track, is even very amateurish. But the High Kites have again proven that they know to rock and I hope that this record will bring them a step further.

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